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Individuals and teams who use their strengths every day have significant advantages. We’ve seen the evidence first-hand: from non-profits to organizations both large and small, this is culture-shifting, transformational work. CliftonStrengths identifies and leverages what’s right in ways that impact ROI and happiness.


One-on-one coaching

Self-awareness is the key to success. What unique talents do you possess that will help you consistently achieve near-perfect performance? Are you surrounding yourself with the right people? How does the world see you?  

Understanding and using your natural talents, while identifying possible blind spots, is the most important step you can take for individual success—both personally and professionally. 

Using Gallup science, we identify and leverage what’s working in ways that impact your performance and happiness. Through one-on-one conversations, either in person or by phone, we dive into a deeper understanding of the CliftonStrengths language to create lasting change.

As a certified StrengthsFinder and ICF coach, the topics we focus on include:

  • Awareness of your natural talents and strengths

  • Appreciation of how you use your strengths to be successful both professionally and personally

  • Identify the areas of your greatest potential

  • Applying your strengths to become a better leader

  • Recognizing possible leadership blind spots

  • Forming complementary partnerships

  • Building confidence and insight through the lens of your strengths to be your best self

  • Understanding current issues, opportunities and challenges from a strengths perspective

Engaging Teams

How well do you know your team? What motivates each team member? Are the right people in the right roles?  

Through our unique and sustainable CliftonStrengths Workshop Series - Educate, Empower and Engage - we discover the talents of your team, what they need to be their best, and why they do what they do. We explore innovative ways to engage, motivate, and work better together through fun, interactive exercises.


Each phase gets us closer to our goal of building and implementing a strengths-based culture: 

EDUCATE: Full day on-site team session that includes management and those deemed ‘front-line’ in your organization.  When everyone knows their top strengths, we’ll dig deeper and help all understand them on a whole new level, together. This is key, and the fundamental foundation for everything else you’ll do.

EMPOWER: Through 1:1 strengths coaching conversations with each participant in the above education day, we encourage and reveal the best of everyone.  Helping each understand how they are uniquely wired is a transformational experience.  These will be scheduled after the team session, and play an integral part in the Engagement phase.

ENGAGE: We will gather the team again for the engagement phase.  The practical application of strengths will be introduced and the understanding that has taken place in the previous weeks will be revealed: it’s a powerful day. Only this sort of clarity allows for a confidence that ultimately lends itself to an engaged strengths-based team. The culture is impacted in ways you’ll feel immediately.  More importantly, this lasts.


Empowering Organizations

How do you retain your employees? As a leader, what can you do  to keep your team engaged and happy? How do you continue to build a strengths-based culture? 

Understanding how to strategically apply strengths within your organization changes everything. Support your team and increase sustainability with our exclusive CliftonStrengths programs. 

By investing in your team’s strengths, your organization will confidently lead with a positive development strategy for excellence in performance—and most importantly, a culture that encourages happier employees.

Listed below are complementary workshops offered for sustainability to keep strengths moving forward within your company:

  • Train-the-Trainer: A Program for Strengths Advocates

  • Millennial Workshop: Strengths and the Younger Generation

  • Well-Being and Mindfulness: A Strengths-Based Approach

  • Performance Management

  • Onboarding New Employees

  • Monthly or Quarterly Leadership Check-Ins

Corporate Retreats: Off Site Workshop Opportunities


"The personalized coaching was immeasurably valuable to me. My sense of direction and purpose in my work has been dramatically enhanced through my encounter with this program, and through Keri's remarkable humanity. "

– Frederick Marshall, MD
Professor of Neurology
Chief, Division of Geriatric Neurology
University of Rochester Medicine