Meet Keri


Learner. Achiever. Input. Woo. Communication.

Keri Bischoff is a Gallup-Certified StrengthsFinder™consultant. She is guided by her passion to help individuals and teams maximize their potential through self-awareness and building on who they already are.

As a licensed teacher, educational leader, and business owner, Keri uses her knowledge of training, development, and organizational strategy to contribute to the growth of powerful teams. She holds an undergraduate degree in Business Management and organizational Behavior, and a Master of Arts in education. She is certified as a Bridgeworks Millennial trainer and WellBeing Coach partnering with clinicians and educators at Johns Hopkins.

Keri’s expertise, and her understanding of strengths, allows productivity and engagement of teams to increase exponentially. Her success has enabled her to build genuine, authentic relationships with her clients across the globe. Keri’s extensive background in healthcare and education contributes powerfully to the success of Keri Bischoff consulting. Along with her husband and four daughters, Keri resides in Minnesota, enjoying the diverse seasons, from sailing on Lake Superior to cross country skiing.


 My why is to empower individuals and teams to gain clarity into their unique strengths so they can confidently communicate their value to the world.